Create It with Baby Bell Creations LLC is an entertainment service that will provide an evening of creative instruction at a host venue.



Baby Bell Creations LLC reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to make changes from time to time and without notice in how Baby Bell Creations LLC operates the Service. Any description of how the Service works should not be considered a representation or obligation with respect to how the Service will always work, as Baby Bell Creations LLC is constantly making adjustments to the Service and often these adjustments are not completely captured within these Terms.


Availability. The availability of Baby Bell Creations LLC events at particular venues will change from time to time and could potentially change on the day of the Event. The availability of a specific artist/instructor at the Event may change at Baby Bell Creations LLC’s sole discretion. While Baby Bell Creations LLC will endeavor to make the instructor you have signed up for available for the Event, the instructor may change at Baby Bell Creations LLC’s sole discretion without notice to you.


Supplies Provided. Baby Bell Creations will provide all supplies needed to create your item and aprons for the Event. While Baby Bell Creations LLC maintains quality control over the materials it uses, the quality of the supplies and aprons may vary from event to event,  venue to venue and may be affected by a variety of factors.


Finished Product. Baby Bell Creations LLC makes no representations or warranties about the quality of any creation or individual experience at the Event. Every creation will be unique and there should not be an expectation that your creation will be a replica of the instructors creation or pictures displayed on our website.


Start Time. Baby Bell Creations LLC will make every effort to begin the instruction at the designated start time and complete the instruction within two hours. However, the time it takes to begin and complete the instruction will vary based on a number of factors and Baby Bell Creations LLC makes no representation as to the exact amount of instruction time at the Event.


Capacity Limitations. You may not be able to attend the Event due to capacity limitations of the venue and supplies on hand. We recommend that you arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the Event to get a drink and food ordered.  A drink always help get the creativity juices flowing.


Photos.  During each class we reserve the right to take photos for possible use on our social media sites. If you do not want your picture taken for these purposes, be sure to let us know so we respect your privacy.  We also encourage you to take your own pictures and share on your social media! Please tag us when you do!

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